When Elvis’ girlfriend tried to introduce him to…

When Elvis’ girlfriend tried to introduce him to Scientology, he said, “Fuck those people! There’s no way I’ll ever get involved with that son-of-a-bitchin’ group. All they want is my money.” source

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  1. Actually It Was Priscilla Who Did This And Elvis Also Said, “It’s All Head And No Heart!”
    Strange Fact Is That Scientologist Priscilla Presley Is A Huge Part of EPE That Runs Elvis Presley’s Graceland. Don’t Think Elvis Would of Liked That. (how much of EPE is owned by Scientology??)
    Also, Lisa Marie Presley Left Scientology And It’s Also Strange That She Is Currently Going Through Extreme Hardship In Her Personal and Professional Life……Something That Scientology Has Alleged To Vow To Anyone Even Thinking of Leaving Scientology!! – They Will Ruin Your Life In Every Aspect Should You Leave Scientology. (allegedly)
    !! EX-Scientologists Have Publicly Stated This! Leah Remini Has A TV Show Regarding This, As She Was Once A Life Time Member Who Rose To Top Ranks But Has Left Scientology And Her Show Features Other Ex-Scientologists Who Left And They Tell The Damage That Was Done To Them Because They Left!!
    Elvis Was Extremely Disturbed By Scientology And Wanted NOTHING To Do With Them!!
    Lovin’ Elvis The Legendary Rockin’ Iconic KING Always and Forever and EVER!!
    TCB⚡with TLC⚡

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