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Truman C. Everts was part of the 1870 Washburn-Langford-Doane Expedition exploring the area which later became Yellowstone National Park. He became lost for 37 days during the 1870 expedition.

He would go days without eating, and despite being in an area crisscrossed with lakes and streams, he would also go for days without finding water. He lost his glasses, burned himself, and was treed by a mountain lion. Everts’ companions, who had given up hope for finding him themselves, posted a reward for anyone who could bring Everts back. 

 At last, he was found in mid-October by two men who were looking for him and who, at first thought he was a wounded bear crawling among the rocks  He was down to a reported weight of 55 pounds when his rescuers found him. 

The next year, his account of the experience—”Thirty-Seven Days of Peril”— was published in Scribner’s Monthly

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