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La Estrella is a village 24 kilometres from Mosqueruela and the same again from Vilafranca. From the first town the track is of dirt and very bumpy, largely impossible without a 4 x 4 or walking boots. From the other, it is well asphalted, but narrow, a spectacular drive that twists and turns with deep ravines at the side.

For the last 30 years only two people have lived in this village; Martin, 79, and Sinforosa, 82. For company they have 25 cats called Michurrin, 3 dogs called Pichurrines, 4 hens, a rooster, 35 bee panels, and until 8 years ago, 22 horses.

The village is very unusual.

A simple scattering of houses it is not. The buildings are indeed few, but extremely well built, petering out from a generous square presided by a magnificent church, a blue-tiled copula and all the trappings that go with such.

At one point this tiny village bustled with life, a constable prowled the bars, a residing priest took confession and two teachers ruled over the schools.


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