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The world’s longest burning light bulb was installed in 1901 and has been glowing for over 110 years straight. It has a carbon filament that is eight times thicker than a contemporary bulb. – source

Credit: Dick Jones

image credit : xyz

Technically, the bulb has been turned off twice in 110 years. Once when the fire house moved locations, and once when the generator that ran it broke down.
Another interesting tidbit is that the guy that runs the live feed website has had to replace the camera twice since starting the website.
Also, shortly after the popularization of the light bulb, companies that produced them formed an agreement to shorten the lifetime of the light bulbs they made so that consumers would in turn buy more of their product. They shortened the common light bulb’s life from 2500 hours to 1000 hours. This might be the origin of planned obsolescence.

image via wikipedia

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