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Edith Macefield considered her home in Seattle, Washington priceless. After all, she refused million dollar offers for her property back in 2006. Developers planning to construct a shopping mall in the Ballard neighborhood offered Edith the seemingly impossible to deny dollar amount, but she refused the million dollar offer because she did not want to uproot and relocate.

The shopping mall was still constructed, but carefully so without disrupting Edith’s home or small yard.

Sadly, Edith Macefield passed away in 2008 at 87-years-old, but she had one more surprise up her sleeve. Edith left the house to Barry Martin, a construction chief at an adjacent building site.

After Edith was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer Martin helped her out by driving her to doctor appointments and looking after her. Edith was so grateful for his friendship and kindness that she left her now famous home in his name.

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