Due to its unique characteristics, glitter has also proven to be useful forensic evidence. Because of the tens of thousands of different commercial glitters, identical glitter particles can be compelling evidence that a suspect has been at a crime scene. Glitter particles are easily transferred through the air or by touch, yet cling to bodies and clothing, often unnoticed by suspects.

Case examples include 3 different glitter types: glitter in cosmetic products,glitter used in arts and crafts, and glitter used in decorations on clothing. 

In one case: Illinois kidnapping and sexual assault [x]

A man grabbed a young girl walking in the woods near her home. With a knife heslashed her and her clothing, but she escaped
and ran home. Her mother rushed her to a hospital and the young girl survived.
She had been wearing a shirt that had a design in silver-appearing glitter. A knife
slash had gone right through this area. A suspect was found and the same glitter particles
were found on several items of his clothing.


Left, cut through glitter design area of T-shirt. Right (top) glitter particle from victim’s
shirt and glitter particle recovered from clothing of suspect viewed as tape lifts and on
separate stages of a comparison microscope. Right (bottom) same two particles after
they have been picked off the tape and cleaned up. 

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If I am murdered this is exactly how I want my murderer to be brought to justice. Covered in glitter and shame. 

So what you’re saying is that services like giftyourenemies.com could be used to find criminals? I love this.


Source: Ultra Facts
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