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Damage Control is a fictional construction company appearing in Marvel Comics, which specializes in repairing the property damage caused by conflicts between superheroes and supervillains. 

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I may be mixing up comics and cartoon canon but I’m 90% sure Damage Control was run by Nick Fury’s brother, too.

I would read the hell out of this.

Okay, Damage Control is one of my FAVORITE THINGS.


Because it involves this:


It’s an entire comic where the accounting department figures out that Doom, Super Villian, Despot, and Head of the Reed Richards Must Die club, has not actually been paying his bills.

And they send that dapper, charming individual in the suit there to COLLECT ON AN OVERDUE BILL.

There’s also a wonderful subplot about one of the account executives attempting to work through the loopholes of the Fantastic Four’s insurance documentation (the policy only covered the ORIGINAL members, not damage done by new members).

If you ever read a comic and thought “God, I feel bad for whoever has to clean that up,” you need to read Damage Control.

This. This is what I thought Agents of SHIELD would be about. Motherfucking badass bureaucrats.

When Doom pays that bill, he writes a check.

The accountant then asks Doom for ID.

Source: Ultra Facts
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