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Here are two 19th Century “cross written” letters. Cross writing was a technique to save paper when paper was scarce.  Every scrap mattered at one time (one of these is dated 1823) so the writer, upon reaching the end of the page,
would turn the paper 90 degrees and add a second layer of text.  Once it
becomes familiar, the mind adapts easily and cross written letters are
surprisingly legible.  Charles Darwin famously used the technique.    

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A Florida woman used the comments section of a Pizza Hut order made from her smartphone to alert authorities that she and her children were being held hostage. When police responded to her message, arriving at the location, she and her children were quickly released, unharmed, and the kidnapper was arrested. [x]

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Reblogging because this woman’s smart thinking might save someone else too.

I also heard a story once where a woman called 911, and was pretending to order a pizza in a hiatus during a violent domestic dispute.  PLease remember this trick 

It’s really hard to think creatively in a fight or flight, life or death situation. Having these kinds of ideas in mind will help!

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Where is that fucking gif of the guy standing in the fall breeze and a leaf hits his face and he eats it

Honestly, I’m surprised Canada didn’t try this first

You wanna know why we didn’t try this first?

That’s the size of some of our leaves.

That’s not even an argument that just means more food

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