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A seed library is an institution that lends or shares seed. It is distinguished from a seedbank in that the main purpose is not to store or hold germplasm or seeds against possible destruction, but to disseminate them to the public which preserves the shared plant varieties through propagation and further sharing of seed. Seed libraries usually maintain their collections through donations from members but may also operate as pure charity operations intent on serving gardeners and farmers. A common attribute of many seed libraries is to preserve agricultural biodiversity by focusing on rare, local, and heirloom seed varieties.

 Seed libraries use varied methods for sharing seeds, primarily by: 

  • seed swaps otherwise known as seed exchanges, in which library members or the public meet and exchange seeds
  • seed “lending,” in which people check out seed from the library’s collection, grow them, save the seed, and return seed from the propagated plants to the library

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This is a really cool idea.

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BAY ST. LOUIS, MISS. | It’s called the “Angel Tree,” and this intricately carved dead oak tree grabs your eyes and won’t let go.

On the morning of Aug. 29, 2005, Katrina’s eye passed over Bay St. Louis. It was the epicenter of one of the most destructive forces of nature ever seen in America. Ahead of the storm a massive tidal surge pushing 40 feet high crashed ashore, and in that torrent of rain and wind, flying debris and saltwater, was the century-old original Bay Town Inn Bed & Breakfast.

Inside the Inn was owner Nikki Moon and her dog, with friends Doug Nicolet and Kevin Guillory. The storm made quick work of the Inn, and the three people and Moon’s dog ran for their lives to a massive oak behind what was left of the Inn.

They climbed the tree and clung to it for four hours as Katrina’s wrath destroyed Bay St. Louis.

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