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Every morning, her priority is to stand by the side of the road and patiently wait for her mate to return – on his scooter.

She is a gray Toulouse goose named Maria. He is a retired salesman named Dominic Ehrler. And together, they have become the talk of Echo Park.

“They walk around the park together like they’re in love,” said one park-goer. “It’s wonderful.”

“People would look at us like – what is this?” Ehrler said.

“What, they’ve never seen a guy walking with a goose before?“ 

“She thinks that she owns me,” Ehrler said. “The other geese are not allowed to be near me on account of Maria.”

It’s not just other geese. Maria doesn’t want any species stealing her man.

“I’ve seen her go up and scare the heck out of pit bulls,” Ehrler said. “Maria, be nice, don’t bite the dog.” [x]

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Eric Radomski came up with the simple yet effective concept that all backgrounds be painted by using light colors on black paper, instead of dark colors on white paper as is the industry
standard. The distinctive visual combination of film noir imagery and
Art Deco designs with a very dark color scheme was dubbed “Dark Deco“.

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The Ludosport Lightsaber Combat Academy


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They give you a lightsaber when you sign up

They hold tournaments

Like real serious tournaments with judges and crowds and prizes

You could train in this

You could make this a marketable skill and put this on your resume and when your interviewer asks if it’s a joke you can hand them a phone number to call, and then they’d verify that not only is it a real school but you studied lightsaber fighting extensively


Brb going to italy for a few months

The need to be a Jedi master has never been stronger

There is one in Singapore called The Force Academy

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