Life Update

Hey Everyone!

Some of you may have noticed that our blog has been pretty inactive lately and I’d like to explain why. As I’ve said before, the only person running this blog is me, so when something big happens in my life, this gets put on the back burner. Well, back in October, something BIG happened in my life. I lost my job.

As you can imagine, I’ve been pretty busy lately finding a new job, relocating and getting settled and I now have a better position where I am MUCH happier. The downside is that I now have less free time to do stuff like this.

I’m writing this update because I don’t want you to think this blog is dead. Somehow, around 71,000 of you have stuck around and while I’m sure many of you forgot you were even following me, I still love you all.

I am working hard to get to place where I can regularly update the site again and I hope you will all be patient as I get my footing. There’s still lots of Nerdy Facts content to come!

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Pitcher’s Mound: T3: Terminator 6



Turns out they are kind of doing this! They are officially retconning the other Terminator movies and making the 6th one T3! 

Though I regret cutting out part of my pitch for time because it fits PERFECTLY with what they announced. My original pitch included a subplot where they find an old Sarah Conner who has been surviving on her own out in the wasteland. She’s gruff and mean and John has mixed feelings about her joining them. They had a falling out when he was a young man and separated. She would join them to get to Skynet and be killed in the initial break-in to protect John. Here’s hoping that this is the real movie that they’re making!

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