After getting into a taxi, Prohibition agent Izzy Einstein…

After getting into a taxi, Prohibition agent Izzy Einstein asked the driver where he could find some alcohol, to which the driver offered him a bottle of whiskey, resulting in an arrest after 35 seconds. source

Prohibition Agent No. 1, by Isador Einstein, tells the tale of his career as an agent in the Federal Prohibition Unit. During the first years of the alcohol Prohibition era he became notorious for his success in shutting down speakeasies and similar illegal drinking establishments that were supposed to be “ungettable.”

Izzy had a knack for languages and for dressing up, and so every day he would dress a different way and put on a different voice and go into an outlawed drinking establishment and order a drink. When it would come, he would always say the same thing as he cuffed them: “There’s sad news here. You’re under arrest.”

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